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When your business needs sustainable and predictive sales performance that matches your forecasting, The Sales Collaborative is the partner you need to set up an effective sales process, specific to your business. We help you build new business development, qualified B2B lead generation, sales funnel, pipeline, and performance solutions,  and business critical cloud-based dashboard and analytic systems.

With more than 80 years collective executive management experience in a range of industries, we can help you business achieve sustainable sales growth.

Why use The Sales Collaborative as your business partner?

We generate Qualified Leads for your business, that you can see on a custom Dashboard, built for your business, and deliver Sustainable Sales Performance through a measurable Sales Pipeline with the experience of Professional Executive Level Marketing and Sales Experts

Errol van der Merwe

Sales Director

Manus Mentz

Business Systems Director

Today, a team with the full skillset needed in a medium sized organisation will typically need between 15 – 20 years experience and consist of:

  • A marketing and sales strategist and expert – with online and traditional marketing experience and having managed sales teams
  • A creative designer – with graphic design, web development and online media expertise.
  • A business analyst with expertise in building marketing and sales dashboards and integrating data from marketing platforms

A sales executive who has managed sales teams, complex, long, and short sales cycles, and is can hold your teams accountable

The cost to company for such experts will run between R350,000 – R500,000 a month (Excluding PAYE and UIF costs).

Most medium size companies do not have the budget available to absorb a R6 mil expense in building a sustainable sales team.

Depending on your market size, geographic area you serve, and number of customers, your actual sales team could range anywhere between 3 – 20 sales representatives for medium sized companies. With various structures between a basic salary and commission as well as the seniority of your team this could cost you anything between: R30,000 – R400,000 (or more) per month on a basic salary (Excluding commissions, PAYE and UIF).

The reality is that, on average, more than 60 % of sales representatives are underperforming and in many cases this is only noticed after a 12 month period or more, because of a lack of sales measurement through the use of dashboards,  and the lack of clear visibility regarding the activities and actual sales achieved.

Your business is wasting large amounts of money every year with a sales team who are not performing sustainably. This excludes the opportunity cost of sales lost because of underperformance.

Sales Pipeline and Performance Analytics, Specific to Your Business

Sales pipelines, metrics and performance dashboards are often not available in selling organisations or are not specific to that business. Sales data is often set up in Excel sheets that is difficult to analyse for use in growing their sales territory or performance.

We have been building business specific sales pipeline, metrics, and performance dashboards for medium sized businesses for years, both within complex and non-complex sales environments. Your first sales analytics dashboards will be up and running within weeks when you work with The Sales Collaborative.

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